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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # Find About Bai Nhat Beach Con Dao – Top 6 Most Pristine Beaches In Asia # Top 18 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Find About Bai Nhat Beach Con Dao – Top 6 Most Pristine Beaches In Asia được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Efjg.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

1. Bai Nhat Con Dao is in the top 6 most pristine beaches in Asia

(Photo: @_tructaam) According to News site of Australia voted, Bai Nhat Con Dao has been listed in the list of 6 most beautiful and wild beaches in Asia. And especially you should visit before it gets noisy. In that list, besides Nhat beach, there are other beaches such as: Tropical (Indonesia), Furuzamami (Japan), Talalla (Sri Lanka), Kanawa Island (Indonesia) and Bako National Park, Malaysia.(Photo: @ phuongtram.tran)

Bai Nhat is a beach just about 6 km southeast of Con Dao town, an ideal destination for travelers who love and want to experience the rare wild beauty of nature. The beach is sometimes hidden, at times the tide is very interesting.

2. The beautiful scenes to enjoy at Nhat Con Dao beach

(Photo: @ ductai30052001)(Photo: @ ductai30052001) The natural landscape in Nhat beach is still very unspoiled and there is hardly any human interaction, so the beach still has the sand face mixed with the stone wolf, waves rushing to make pebbles lying next to each other. clean and very nice.(Photo: @ thaohip13)(Photo: @dangthithanhkimhue) There are many interesting sights that you can enjoy here, please refer to what you do when you come to Con Dao to have the most complete trip to Con Dao. Beach with waves of blue sea with foam hitting white shore. Nhat Con Son beach impresses visitors strongly by the clear blue water and fine white sand. On the shore, the undulating gravel, many shapes, stacked look very beautiful. Visitors here love to check in with the rocky beach, beautiful pictures on the beach.(Photo: @ptoan) It is true that beauty is often difficult to see for long. Bai Nhat only shows perfect beauty within a few hours of low tide. If you are lucky at noon, the sunlight will make the rock sparkle very beautiful. Here, when standing on Shark’s Nose, you can admire the beautiful and magical natural landscape atop Love. This is the ideal place for lovers because Nhat beach is not far away and it is still famous as a space for couples who are in love with romantic moments and really belong. together.(Photo: @tienttt)(Photo: @ hp.mnhat) The special feature of this name is that the mountain looks like couples are hugging each other, so the name of Mountain of Love is derived from that. Especially during the wedding season, this place becomes a tourist attraction. In addition, coming to Nhat beach, you will also be immersed in an extremely comfortable space. Peaceful and happy atmosphere is what you feel when you come here.(Photo: @ quynhnga1107)(Photo: @nanapety) Bai Nhat Con Dao is quite small and only exposed at low tide and diving to watch coral in Bai Nhat is not as popular as in Hon Bay Canh or Tai island, Cau island. But not so that Bai Nhat does not attract tourists, every time the low tide reveals the pristine white sand, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool blue water. Especially, if you have never walked on the sandy beach of Bai Nhat and watched the sunset stretching over the horizon, then Con Dao tourism experience is not really complete.(Photo: @dongoquang)

To enjoy the most interesting things in Bai Nhat Con Dao , visitors can visit Con Dao during the period from May to September every year. During this time, Con Dao had nice weather, the temperature was quite high, so it was very suitable for swimming activities in Bai Nhat.

So, if you are someone who wants to find the familiar and most wild things of nature, Bai Nhat Con Dao  is the place that you are looking for.

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‘Lost In The Wild’, Lyrical Landscape In Con Bung Ben Tre Beach

About Con Bung Ben Tre sea

Con Bung or Thach Phu beach is located on Highway 57 in Thanh Hai commune, Thanh Phu district, Ben Tre province, about 70km from Ben Tre city center and 157km from Saigon.

The beach is full of headlines (Photo @elchanghy)

This unique name comes from the shape of the alcohol, looking down from above looks like a piece of soil separated from the mainland, from which the name Con Buon of the sea has become popular to this day.

With its wild and peaceful beauty and fresh and cool air, Con Bung beach becomes an attractive destination in the summer of people “coconut land” in particular Ben Tre as well as tourists in general. .

What is Con Bung beach interesting?

There is no crystal clear water like turquoise or white sand stretching, there is no luxury and modern travel services, but Con Bung beach still makes visitors fall in love with cool breezes, the green mangroves swaying with the wind and a strange peaceful space.

Feel every cool breeze (Photo @ _ngna.tr) With a coast of up to 25km, you can rent the area under the cool water or simply walk on the sand so that each fine grain of sand caresses the soles of your feet and hear the waves murmuring against the shore, I’m sure that all troubles and worries will disappear immediately.Going to the beach is not bad either (Photo @ g.nguyenth) Especially at low tide, 3 lakes created by the whirlwind of the ocean currents, very clean and shallow, constantly changing shape, so it is very suitable for children and those who do not know how to swim in the sea and have fun. aquí.Many tourists come here to swim here every year (Photo @ ctu.nguyen) If you come to Thach Phu beach in the early morning, you can not only admire a romantic dawn, but also enjoy the bustling, joyful atmosphere, filled with laughter from fishermen on the coast. In the distance are the children playing with the sand with the crisp, clear, simple laughter that is strangely in love. At night, you can experience the feeling of traveling with the fishermen on the sea to fish and eagerly return when the results are full.(Photo @ baot.ran)

In addition, Con Bung tourist area also offers a lot of interesting games such as lion dance, folk games, raspberry contest or amateurs exchange … to understand more about cultural features. unique of our people.

Especially in the October and November of the lunar calendar, when visiting Thach Phu Beach , you will be lost in a paradise of snails written with thick intestines, about a finger length covering the sand bank after the water recedes, then choose one. The best results brought back to work are “all”.

Beautiful “snail road” in the sea (Photo @ mtri01)

Especially, if you have the right to come here on the right occasion of the Nghinh Ong festival at the nearby Lang Ong lantern, you can join the local people here to pray for a prosperous year, good rain and wind. and happy family.

Eat, drink, buy gifts at Con Bung beach Staying at Con Bung oi beach

Because the tourism service here is not paid much attention, there are no motels or hotels for you to stay overnight, you can just take a break at the coastal restaurants and then return to Ben Tre city to find accommodation.

For those who love to experience, you can bring tents and camp on the beach, the feeling of dancing and singing with friends under the campfire and enjoying the cool air of each sea breeze is definitely not. It’s not bad.

How to move to Con Bung beach

With the starting point is Ho Chi Minh City, you can use a motorbike or a car to move in about 3 hours to arrive.

First, you follow National Highway 1A to Tien Giang, to Trung Luong intersection, turn right onto Highway 60, cross Rach Mieu bridge to reach Ben Tre city, continue to cross Ham Luong bridge to Mo town. Cay Nam, asking the local people to reach Con Bung beach .

If you do not remember the road, please use google maps, the road is clear, completely asphalted so don’t be afraid of getting lost. But the best handle is firm, then go by motorbike.

Some notes when traveling to Con Bung beach

– Admission to Con Bung Ben Tre beach  is free but for personal services such as parking, dining, shopping, … you will have to pay when using.

– Bring essential items such as: hat, umbrella (umbrella), sunglasses, scarf and sunscreen… to protect skin from the sun’s rays of the sea.

– Drink plenty of water to replace the energy consumed when exercising too much.

Bring insect sprays if you intend to stay overnight.

Summer comes, everyone is eager to go to the “hot flush” sea, if you do not want to go to too crowded and noisy beaches, Con Bung beach is an extremely ideal destination for you.

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Từ khoá: ‘Lost in the wild’, lyrical landscape in Con Bung Ben Tre beach

Mui Nghe, The Most Beautiful Sunrise Paradise In Da Nang

Da Nang is a tourist city with many attractive destinations such as My Khe beach, Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na Hills… This summer, a beautiful “love cup” named Mui Nghe has been discovered by young people. destroy and are storming the tourism communities in Vietnam. If you are a person who loves to explore, likes to mingle with nature, then Mui Nghe deserves to be the ideal choice in your upcoming Da Nang trip. Let’s go with 2 Beautiful to pack up and discover this place has nothing interesting!

Photo: codexplore.dev

For local people, it is probably no stranger to Mui Nghe, the first sunrise spot in Da Nang. However, for visitors, this place is quite new. It is known that Mui Nghe is located in the east of Son Tra peninsula. People often call it Mui Nghe or Hon Nghe because there are two mountains shaped like a lion, the head is facing the cliff, the body is facing the sea.

Photo: @anhhq.

Move to Mui Nghe

To get to Mui Nghe, you can choose by waterway or road. However, the road to Mui Nghe is quite arduous, not suitable for tourists who like to relax, so please consider and carefully read the following moving instructions.

Traveling by water

If you choose to travel by water, you will take a canoe and admire the majestic Son Tra peninsula. This way is both safe and saves time and energy, however, you can only view Mui Nghe from afar because there are many rocky beaches, canoes cannot dock. So, if you want to experience fun, choose the second way!

If traveling by canoe, you can only see Mui Nghe from afar. Photo: @_hnil.38.

Traveling by road

If you are a travel enthusiast, travel by motorbike along Vo Nguyen Giap road to Son Tra mountain. Then, go through Linh Ung Pagoda and head towards the thousand-year-old banyan tree. Here, you can park your car and start the walking journey of about an hour. It should be noted that in the forest with many turns, you should follow the red paint streaks or the pre-marked plastic pieces tied on the trees.

Photo: @nguyenn.anhtuan.

When you go to the end of the trail, just move for another 5 minutes and you will see Mui Nghe gradually appear before your eyes. Although the road is steep and difficult to walk, the wonderful experiences when arriving at the first sunrise spot in Da Nang will dispel fatigue. A small note is that if you choose this way of moving, you should wear sports shoes to avoid foot pain!

Interesting experiences in Mui Nghe

Mui Nghe is not only a place to watch the sunrise but also has many interesting experiences waiting for you to discover.

The most beautiful sunrise spot in Da Nang

It is not difficult to predict when many people get up early, cross the forest to Mui Nghe just to catch the sunrise, because this is the most beautiful sunrise viewing spot in Da Nang. So, come to Mui Nghe in the early morning to immerse yourself in nature, catch the first rays of the new day, enjoy the fresh air and listen to the sound of the waves.

Mui Nghe, the most beautiful sunrise paradise in Da Nang.

The feeling after so much fatigue and hardship when crossing the sea route, inhaling the salty smell of the sea, is so peaceful and wonderful. And it is certainly not an exaggeration to think that the sunrise in Mui Nghe is the most beautiful memory in your journey to discover Da Nang.

Check-in with crystal clear lake

The lake is nowhere to be found, why do you have to check-in at the lake in Mui Nghe? Then take a look at the pictures below, make sure you will find the answer right away. This lake is like a natural pool located in the middle of the sea, with clear water color and surrounded by many large rocks.

Blue lake surrounded by large rocks. Photo: @ttdung07.

In addition, if you pay close attention, you will see a few fish, shrimp swimming or small clusters of corals hiding in the water. Therefore, this is the right place for those who love to swim, explore the mysteries of the ocean and is the ideal shooting spot for your virtual live photos. However, because this place is still quite wild, please prepare a life jacket or a life jacket to be safe!

Experience camping by the beach

Mui Nghe is an interesting place for those who love to explore and experience camping. Around Mui Nghe, there are quite a few vacant lots. Therefore, you can bring tents and necessary items and food for overnight camping. When night falls, people sit together to cook, chat, sing until late at night or lie down to watch the starry sky and wake up early to catch the sunrise right in front of the tent.

Camping in Mui Nghe will bring many unforgettable experiences. Photo: @wygo.club.

However, because of the consciousness of some young people, there is a lot of garbage around Mui Nghe. So, after you’re done camping, remember to collect and take your trash home. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints. Let Mui Nghe always be green – clean – beautiful and always an ideal destination in everyone’s heart.

Notes when visiting Mui Nghe

The ideal time to visit Mui Nghe is spring and summer. Photo: @hoailinhphan.

– The most ideal time to visit Mui Nghe is early spring or summer. When the weather is dry, cool, with little rain, it is suitable for traveling and exploring.

– Because it is located far from the city center, Mui Nghe is very wild, there are almost no services. So, prepare food, water and life jackets (if you want to swim).

– Mui Nghe does not have an exact address, so people with little travel experience often take a long time to find this place. Therefore, you can completely ask for help or book a tour of the people of Da Nang to ensure safety.

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Từ khoá: Mui Nghe, the most beautiful sunrise paradise in Da Nang

Top 10 Most Luxurious 5

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is located right in the prime location of the city, easily accessible to the night market, the beach, the Ponagar Cham Tower and only about 5km from other famous locations. The hotel serves meals at the restaurant, swimming pool on site. The rooms are modernly equipped with all the necessary tools for customers, fiber optic cables and powerful Wifi. Guests can exercise at the fitness center, relax with a massage at the spa center or make free use of the swimming pool. The front desk is open 24/24, so customers will not feel inconvenient when problems occur. The hotel has two restaurants, Royal Restaurant specializes in local and international dishes, and the Lobby Lounge serves light snacks. On the day of check-in, guests will also be served free water and fruit.

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is a 5-star hotel, but it is quite cheap compared to other 5-star hotels, so customers have many choices of rooms for their vacation. Do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address : 100 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room: from 1,600,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation : 0258 3597 888

Fax: (+84) 2583 599 777

Email: [email protected]

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel

5 star hotel Nha Trang Palace hotel

Nha Trang 5-star hotel Palace hotel is one of the 5-star hotels with quite cheap prices in Nha Trang, but the quality and services here are not inferior to other 5-star hotels. Spacious, beautiful, quality, clean room. The hotel is located only 200m from the city museum, so it only takes a few minutes to walk here. The food here is also a plus for the hotel because it is delicious, varied and beautifully decorated. The hotel is very spacious and airy, so it is also suitable for families and tourists in groups. However, the hotel is located a bit far from the beach, so you will not be able to catch the sunrise on the sea in your own room.

Nha Trang Palace hotel is a hotel with a price suitable for many tourists. So, if you want to save money for the vacation, do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address: 09 Yersin, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 1,800,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation : 091 124 22 11

Nha Trang Palace hotel

Nha Trang Palace hotel


Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang

Citadines Bayfront Nha Tranglocated right at Tran Phu street, city. Nha Trang. Like other 5-star hotels, Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang has convenient location, easy to move to the beach and other locations. Rooms are beautifully designed, clean and airy. The architecture of the hotel has elegant tones, creating a sense of comfort and comfort for customers. In addition to the inherent services such as restaurant, swimming pool, reception hall, the hotel also has a gym with a variety of activities, if you want to go on a vacation while you don’t want to miss out For a gym session, please visit the hotel’s gym to enjoy the services here. Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang, although located right on the main road, is quite crowded, but inside the hotel is quite quiet, suitable for couples who want to date or honeymoon. Luxury interior,

The quality and service here are very good but the prices are quite cheap. Come to Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang if you are a lover of simplicity and quiet space. Do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address : 62 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 2,000,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation: 0258 3517 222

Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang

Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang


Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang – 5 star hotel Vinpearl Nha Trang

Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang 5-star hotel is a hotel of Vingroup, recently emerging. The hotel is designed with the most modern equipment to meet the demanding needs of all customers. The hotel is highly appreciated because it was newly built, so it is very new and clean, suitable for families. Convenient location for travel, shopping, in the central area, good quality services, spa, gym, nice swimming pool, delicious food. The room price here is quite cheaper than other famous 5-star hotels in Nha Trang. Vingroup always commits to bring the best value to customers, and so does Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang, promising to bring better and better services to domestic and foreign customers.

If you are a fan of Vingroup, come right to Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang to enjoy the most relaxing moments here. Do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address : 44-46 Le Thanh Ton, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 2,000,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation: 0258 3599 888

Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang – 5 star hotel Vinpearl Nha Trang

Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang – 5 star hotel Vinpearl Nha Trang


The Costa Nha Trang

The Costa Nha Trang is the first 5-star hotel in Nha Trang built in the style of luxury apartments. Rooms here are designed modern, spacious, airy, suitable for households with a long vacation. Inside the room built like your own home, you can cook and live like at home, creating a feeling of cozy and comfortable as your own home. In addition, the hotel also has other services such as restaurant, gym, swimming pool, free couch with parasol on the beach. Quiet space is suitable for couples and families.

The Costa Nha Trang is also a great choice for your luxury vacation. Do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address : 32-34 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room: from 2,300,000 VND

Contact for reservation : 0258 3737 222

The Costa Nha Trang

The Costa Nha Trang


Diamond Bay Hotel

If you want to have a rest but convenient to move to the commercial center, Diamond Bay Hote l is a great choice. Diamond Bay Hotel is a complex of hotels, shopping centers and other convenient services for customers. The hotel has spacious, airy rooms, beautiful view, good price for quality, suitable for tourists traveling in groups. The hotel is located in the city center so it is convenient for moving, shopping, and overlooking the room overlooking the sea. Thoughtful, friendly and polite staff with customers, 5-star standard. In addition, the hotel also serves other services such as swimming pools, karaoke rooms, gyms, retail stores, meeting the maximum needs of customers.

Diamond Bay Hotel is an affordable, multi-service complex, so it is often crowded with tourists. So, do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address: 20 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 2,500,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation : 0258 3819 777

Diamond Bay Hotel – Nha Trang

Diamond Bay Hotel – Nha Trang


Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa

Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa is the only 5-star hotel in Nha Trang designed in European style with dome, ancient and luxurious appearance. Also located right on Tran Phu street, it only takes a few minutes to move to the beach and other locations. The hotel has a very beautiful view, unique design, quiet atmosphere suitable for families, large rooms. The hotel serves a wide selection of buffet with delicious food. In addition, it also provides full amenities services for visitors from book tour, sun loungers, spa, gym, … Professional service attitude, warmth, impressing guests. row by first smile. You don’t have to move far, but on the day at the hotel, you can check in some luxurious and Western-inspired photos.

Coming to Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa for a practical experience, you will not be disappointed by the luxury services here. This is also a great option for your destination. Remember to contact the hotel reception directly to book a room if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address : 12-14 Tran Phu, Xuong Huan, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 2,300,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation : +84 258 3820999

Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa

Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa


Havana – 5 star hotel in Nha Trang

Havana– The hotel with a tunnel to the sea is also located on Tran Phu Street, City. Nha Trang. Havana is a wise choice if you want to fully enjoy your vacation overnight. Havana is famous not only for its good service quality but also because the Skylight bar is located on the top floor of the hotel with delicious and varied drinks, vibrant music, but the price is reasonable. . View of the hotel is spacious, majestic, beautiful and bright rooms. The hotel has many restaurants to serve customers such as Spices restaurant, Rose restaurant, Artichoke restaurant, Poor bar, … with delicious foods and drinks with warm staff. , agile and attentive. The hotel has a highlight that has a private tunnel connecting the hotel to the beach under Tran Phu street.

Come to Havana to experience the best services here for your vacation. Choosing Havana for a stopover after a day of fun will certainly not disappoint you. Remember, do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address: 38 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 2,800,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation : +84 (0) 258 388 9999

Havana – Nha Trang

Havana – Nha Trang


InterContinental Nha Trang

Coming to Nha Trang, you can fully enjoy your luxurious vacation at InterContiental Nha Trang . With different rates, you can choose a room according to your needs. InterContinental Nha Trang always scores in the eyes of the tourists who have stayed here and it will certainly not disappoint you. Remember, do not forget to contact the hotel reception directly to make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel.


Address : 32-34 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : from 3,200,000 VND / room / night

Contact booking : + 84-258-3887777

InterContinental Nha Trang

InterContinental Nha Trang


5-star Sheraton Nha Trang hotel

5-star Sheraton Nha Trang hotellocated right on Tran Phu street, city. Nha Trang. Coming here, you will experience the top resort services of international standards with modern and luxurious rooms. The hotel is located right in the city center so it is convenient for traveling between places. In the hotel, there are also luxurious services such as sky bar, swimming pool, reception hall, luxurious and modern rooms. In addition, there is free sauna service on the 7th floor, don’t miss the free services here. Located on the ground floor is a modern open-air cafe featuring sandwiches, cakes, pastas, baked pizzas, ground fruits, smoothies, iced coffee and Asian cuisine. At night, you can stand at the sky bar on the top floor of the hotel to see the whole city.

Sheraton Nha Trang has prices that are suitable for customers from the middle and above. If you want a wonderful vacation in Nha Trang, Sheraton is a wise choice for you. Please contact the reservation prior to arrival to ensure that the room is available and you can choose the room you want.


Address : 26-28 Tran Phu, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Price reference room : 3,200,000 VND / room / night

Contact for reservation: 0258 3880 000

5-star Sheraton Nha Trang hotel

5-star Sheraton Nha Trang hotel

Nha Trang is a tourist city worth a once in a lifetime experience, and indispensable for a vacation is a place for you to rest. Above is a summary of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Nha Trang.

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The 37 Most Beautiful Train Stations In The World (Part 2)

🌼Union Station

The station itself, designed by architect Daniel H. Burnham, features a stunning coffered plaster ceiling and draws inspiration from classical elements such as Rome’s Arch of Constantine (reflected in the main façade) and Baths of Diocletian (seen in the vaulted interiors). Surface embellishments make liberal use of marble, gold leaf, and mahogany.

🌼CFM Railway Station

The bronze dome of Maputo, Mozambique’s central rail station cuts an impressive silhouette against the uncluttered skyline that surrounds it. A high-water mark of Portuguese colonial architecture—built by Alfredo Augusto Lisboa de Lima, Mário Veiga, and Ferreira da Costa and completed in 1916—the station overlooks Praça dos Trabalhadores (Workers’ Square). The modestly handsome structure features a mint-green-and-white exterior, wrought-iron latticework, and a display of antique steam locomotives.

🌼King’s Cross Station

The historic section of King’s Cross Station in London was designed by architect Lewis Cubitt and completed in 1852. At the time, its two train sheds’ glass roofs were considered cutting-edge, although their laminated-timber beams were replaced with steel girders, and their two platforms and 14 tracks quickly fell short of demand. A new edge has been honed with a 15-year, $650-million renovation project that has as its most prominent feature this new concourse designed by John McAslan. Covering a new ticket hall and pedestrian thoroughfare, the enormous single-span structure, a sweeping steel grid that looks a bit like a bisected funnel, opened in time for the 2012 Olympics.

🌼Estación de Atocha

The original 1851 Atocha station was mostly destroyed by fire and was replaced in 1892 with a shed that features a soaring wrought-iron-and-glass inverted-hull roof (almost 90 feet high) connecting two brick flanks. The architect for the project, Alberto de Palacio Elissagne, also built palaces and bridges, and on this project collaborated with Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, who had just finished his eponymous Parisian tower. Atocha continues to serve as Spain’s largest train station, but in 1992 its main hall was transformed into a shopping mall centered by a one-acre tropical garden.

🌼Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Formerly known as Victoria Terminus Station, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, India is a mash-up of Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival and traditional Indian architecture. Designed to serve the country’s leading mercantile port and completed in 1888, the station took ten years to build, with tremendous labor involved in executing architect F. W. Stevens’s plan for decorative stone carvings and statuary of local flora and fauna, gargoyles, allegorical grotesques, and busts representing the country’s castes and communities.

🌼São Bento Railway Station

Architect José Marques da Silva turned to 19th-century Paris for inspiration when he designed the stone façade and mansard roof of Porto, Portugal station, which opened in 1916 in Portugal’s second largest city. São Bento Railway Station, Porto, Portugal The station’s centerpiece was created by the painter and native son Jorge Colaço, who covered the atrium walls with scenes from Portugal’s history. Although Colaço often worked on canvas, the technique used here enlisted 20,000 tin-glazed ceramic tiles. It took the artist 11 years to complete the murals.

🌼Grand Central Terminal

The original Grand Central was built by transportation magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1871, but that building was demolished in 1903. The current iteration, completed in 1913, continues to be a jewel in New York’s architectural crown. Its vast concourse is distinguished by elegant marble staircases at either end and a four-faced milk-glass-and-brass clock above its central information booth; the painted zodiac constellations on its cavernous domed ceiling, meanwhile, were almost completely obscured by cigarette-smoke damage until a 1998 restoration.

🌼Amsterdam Centraal Station

Amsterdam’s neo-Renaissance station is the largest railway station in the European Union, serving over 260,000 passengers each day, having opened to the public in 1889. Designed by Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers, the Gothic-style terminal features a cast-iron platform room.

🌼Napoli Afragola Station

Just over seven miles north of Naples, the Zaha Hadid Architects-Napoli Afragola Station opened in June of 2023 as a solution to the increase in demand for train travel throughout the small European country. The train station boasts the British-Iranian architect’s highly modern—almost futuristic—look, with an enormous elevated concourse comprised of exposed steel bones and a glazed roof. From afar, however, the young train station looks like a bright white abstract wave-like shape among a completely beige landscape. Surely, that was the architect’s intention.

🌼Hua Hin Train Station

In Hua Hin, Thailand, the Hua Hin train station is one of the country’s oldest railway hubs. Built in a traditional Thai architectural style, perhaps the small station’s most striking space is the Royal Waiting Room, erected in 1911 during the reign of King Rama. However, it’s been knocked down and rebuilt more than a few times. The original station building was erected a year earlier in 1910 and later rebuilt in 1926 by Prince Purachatra Jayakara, who wanted a more Victorian feel for the petite structure. And in 1967, Colonel Saeng Chulacharit planned for a relocation of the Sanam Chandra Palace Railway pavilion to what is currently in Hua Hin.

🌼Helsinki Central Station

In the capital of Finland, the Helsinki Central Station is one of the city’s most widely recognized landmarks. The one standing today, an Art Deco-looking structure with a curved grand entrance, replaced the city’s first railway station, which was built in 1860 and ran between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna. Though the new one was met with instant popularity, it was off to a rocky start because Carl Albert Edelfelt’s (the original architect) structure was too small, so the government organized a contest to replace him. After receiving 21 entries, Eliel Saarinen won the coveted role as the railway station’s new designer. His new creation was finished in 1909, and the station opened 10 years later.

🌼Gare do Oriente

Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who also created the Olympic Sports Complex of Athens, the Milwaukee Art Musem, and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in lower Manhattan, Gare do Oriente in Lisbon opened in 1998. Though modern at first glance, the new station subtly references the Gothic style that reigned in Europe between the late 12th and 16th centuries. The lattice structure that seemingly hovers over the terminal and galleries beneath, however, is Gare do Oriente’s most recognizable feature.

🌼Union Station

Designed as a reactionary response to the second great Kansas City flood, which completely consumed the original Union Depot railroad station, rail executives quickly decided to build a new train station, but on higher ground this time. The result? Union Station, the brainchild of Chicago architect Jarvis Hunt, who took on the project in 1906. Eight years later, the new station opened to the public and was met with instant admiration.

That said, the station is famous for a few reasons other than its success, one of which is The Union Station Massacre of 1933, when convicted mobster Frank Nash was unexpectedly shot and killed outside the station during what turned out to be a shootout. Nash and four police officers were killed. Those who frequent the train station today claim they can see the scars on the station’s facade from the bullets.

🌼Gare de Metz

Serving the city of Metz, the capital of Lorraine, France, Gare de Metz is often referred to by locals as the Station Palace because, if you look in the right place, you can see the former apartments of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. Built during the first annexation of Metz into the German Empire, the station boasts an undeniably German look. That’s because it was designed by German architect Jürgen Kröger. He spent three years building the neo-Romanesque building that still houses the original departure hall, honorary lounge, and former station restaurant.

🌼Jungfraujoch Station

Jungfraujoch Station, 3,500 meters above sea level, is a mountain railway station in the Bernese Alps—specifically Fieschertal, Switzerland. After decades of trying to figure out how to inaugurate a railway station so high up, a final plan was put forward in 1893 by Adolf Guyer-Zeller, an industrialist and railway expert from Zürich. It wasn’t built, though, until 1930.

🌼 William H. Gray III 30th Street Station

As is the case with many train stations built during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s, the William H. Gray III 30th Street Station in Philadelphia replaced a small station that couldn’t support the city’s growing population. With soaring porticoes, a massive concourse, and museum-quality works of art, the Alfred Shaw-designed eight-story building has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since the late 1970s. Designed in the elegant Neoclassical style, the William H. Gray III 30th Street Station is one of the most architecturally opulent structures in the entire city.


It may not be in Paris, but the Strasbourg-Ville station, which opened in 1841 and was rebuilt about 40 years later, is one of the busiest in France. German architect Johann Eduard Jacobsthal designed the bulk of the late 19th-century station, but the building’s most famous section, the Salon de l’Empereur, which was added in 1900, was the work of another German architect, Hermann Eggert, who designed the nearby Palais du Rhin. The station was refurbished by French architect Jean-Marie Duthilleul between in 2006 and 2007. Though much of the renovation consisted of restoring the original architects’ work, Duthilleul added the iconic glass roof that covers the entire historical façade.

🌼Union Station

Cities in Colorado—especially Denver—are most famous for their enormous role in the Gold and Silver Rushes of the 19th century, but the mountainous state is also home to a collection of architecturally historical buildings that serve as landmarks today. One such structure is Union Station, which burned down only three years after it was built in 1881. Luckily, it was quickly rebuilt, and the new one was 40 feet taller. That one didn’t make it either; it was too small to accommodate the city’s growth, so it was demolished. The one that took its place, the current Union Station, is a Beaux Arts and Renaissance Revival–style building made of carved granite and terra-cotta. This one opened to travelers in 1914 and is one of the city’s most cherished buildings.

🌼St. Pancras International

London is rife with train stations, but some, like St. Pancras International, are more beautiful than others. Originally opened during the height of the Victorian era in 1868, the station is largely considered one of the most elegant stations in the world. Designed by William Henry Barlow and built by the Midland Railway Company, who infused the station with Gothic moments throughout, St. Pancras International served as the main line into London from neighboring cities. And with all of the travel into the city, the M.R. constructed the Midland Grand Hotel right on the station’s façade. Not only does it still operate as a hotel, but it’s a Grade I-listed building.

🌼Wemyss Bay

Tucked within its namesake village near the coast of Scotland, Wemyss Bay railway station was designed by James Miller and opened in 1865. However, it was completely rebuilt in 1903 to accommodate the growing number of travelers. Unlike the original, the new Wemyss Bay station is outfitted with a series of curved corridors to ease the flow of travelers, minimizing their need to make sharp, hard turns.

🌼King Street Station

The architects behind Seattle’s King Street Station know a thing or two about beautiful railway hubs. St. Paul, Minnesota–based Reed and Stem were the associate architects behind the design of one of America’s most famous train stations, Grand Central Terminal. When it came to King Street Station, however, they took the lead on the design. Wanting to create something that felt unexpected and different for Seattle, the architects designed the 242-foot-tall tower to mimic the fallen Campanile di San Marco in Venice, Italy and filled it with four gargantuan clockfaces from Boston’s E. Howard & Co.

🌼Toledo Metro Station

In the early 2000s, Neapolitan subway stations underwent a prestigious makeover, courtesy of internationally renowned architects. One of them, the Toledo metro station, was designed by Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets, whose inspiration came from earth, water, and light. The new station, which debuted in 2012, is a spectacular display of intricate mosaics.

🌼Union Terminal

A National Historic Landmark in Cincinnati, the Union Terminal is an Art Deco masterpiece that opened in 1933, a time when the end of the railroad era seemed near. After all, car ownership was massively up throughout the 1920s and ’30s, making people think rail was relatively over. Of course, that never happened, and the new terminal thrived, even during the Depression years.

The impressive station was the work of Roland Wank, of New York firm Fellheimer and Wagner and Philadelphia-based architect Paul Philippe Cret, who spent four years designing and building the beloved structure.

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Cat Cat Village, Sapa: The Most Beautiful Village In The Northwest

The Northwest of Vietnam has long been famous for its impressive and glamorous beauty that can captivate any tourists setting foot on this landscape. Among all the picturesque destinations, there is a charming village on the side of Sapa Town that you should not miss – Cat Cat Village. This village is recommended by those who love trekking, especially in Sapa, as the most striking village in Northwestern Vietnam.


I. Overview of Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village was founded in the middle of the 19th century by the local Mong ethnic. In the early 20th century, the French discovered the village and developed it as a vacation resort. The village owns a majestic waterfall whose French name is CatScat. Therefore, the village then was named after the fall (Cat Cat was deviated from CatScat).

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Cat Cat Village attracts tourists not only by its unspoiled natural beauty but also by the unique cultural features of the Mong people. Besides cultivating rice on the terraced fields, the residents in this village still preserve and develop traditional crafts. Coming to Cat Cat village, you will have a chance to discover the appealing nature, the unique culture and many mouth-watering specialties of this destination.

II. Highlights of Cat Cat Village

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1. Location

Cat Cat Village is about 2 kilometers from Sapa Town, a famous tourist destination which is 376 kilometers from Hanoi city center. To reach the village, tourists can go by motorbike or on coach. It takes you about 5 hour to go by coach and nearly 9 hours to get to Sapa by motorbike.

Cat Cat consists of nearly 80 households of the Mong ethnic located along the stone road in the center of the village, some other scattered precariously on the mountain slope. This village is the convergence of three tortuous streams murmuring all day and night. The three streams named Tien Sa, Golden and Silver pour into an impressive waterfall called Cat Cat Fall. Si Bridge and A Lu Bridge are two chain bridges crossing the fall and also the stopping point for tourists to go sightseeing and take gorgeous photos.

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2. House Architecture

The houses of Mong people in Cat Cat Village lean against the mountainside, each house is only several meters from the other. A typical house has three rooms with three horizontal trusses placed on stones. The roof and walls of the house are made of wood.

The house includes three doors; the main door is in the middle, and two other ones are on the two sides. The main door of the house is only opened on important occasions such as weddings, funerals, Tet and holidays. House of Mong people comprises a shine room, an attic floor for food-storage, a kitchen, sleeping place and guest-reception place. One thing that is unique in the houses in Cat Cat Village is the mortars run by water power.

3. Handicraft

In addition to rice cultivation, the Mong people in Cat Cat Village also preserve their traditional crafts such as weaving, knitting household appliances, carving silver and forging agricultural tools. Coming to Cat Cat Village, tourists will have a chance to visit the exhibition area of traditional handicraft products. The exclusive and meticulous items made by skillful craftsmen is the confirmation of the typical culture that has been conserved through many generations.

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4. Traditional Customs

Not only that, in Cat Cat Village, the locals still maintain a variety of unique culture practices, including the custom “abducting wife”. When a boy falls in love with a girl, he will invite his friends to a party, then they will make a plan to “abduct” the girl and keep her for three days. If the girl agrees to be the boy’s wife, they will get married; if not, they will make friends and everything will be back to normal.

Coming to Cat Cat Village on the first day of the lunar new year, visitors also get a good chance to participate in a festival called Gau Tao, when people celebrate the new year and pray for blessings and happiness. Gau Tao is the largest festival of the Mong people in a year; it reflects the cultural and spiritual life of the ethnic.

III. What to Do in Cat Cat Village?


1. Coming to Cat Cat Fall

The most interesting thing you should not miss is visiting Cat Cat Fall. Water from Hoang Lien Son Mountain flows through three streams then pour into the fall like a silky ribbon of the jungle. From a distance, you can hear the buzzing of the fall, which sounds like a welcoming song of Cat Cat Village. Stopping at the bridges next to Cat Cat fall, admiring its charming and even tiptoeing on the stream banks will bring you amazing experiences.

2. Contemplating Giant Water Wheels

The giant water wheels in Cat Cat Village are made of bamboo in order to utilize water power to pound rice. Besides that main purpose, the wheels in Cat Cat Village is also a place of interest for tourists to discover. Travellers coming to this village should not miss the chance to watch the revolving wheels and listen to the creaking and murmuring sound; that is the harmony of the locals and nature.

3. Visiting a Mong’s House

The Mong’s house is called “House Presentation”. If you find an intriguing house in Cat Cat Village, don’t hesitate to ask the owners for the permission to enter their houses. You will be given an opportunity not only to discover the typical architecture in house-building of this ethnic but also to talk and listen to the stories of the local residents.

4. Discovering Local Cuisine

Coming to a new destination without having a try on the local specialties means that you have never been there. Cat Cat Village is not an exception. Corn wine is a special thing that should not be missed in Northwest Vietnam in general and Cat Cat Village in particular. This wine is made with the own recipe of the locals, containing all the taste and smell of life and nature in Cat cat Village. What would be more delightful than sitting together around a fire, sipping corn wine and enjoying mouth-watering dishes with friends and the friendly locals?

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5. Shopping at Cat Cat Market

The main purpose of Cat Cat Market is to meet the demands of the locals, so the products there are sold at a fair price. The market is along the main road of the market, where you can find a wide range of goods, from foods, clothes, agricultural tools to eye-catching handicrafts and souvenirs. Bringing home some handicraft items will remind you of a memorable trip to Cat Cat Village.

6. Spending a night in Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village is not only attractive at daytime but there are a lot of things for you to discover at night. You can watch the sunset cresting over the imposing mountains, then hang around with friends until midnight to feel the cooling breath of the mountain and grab a hot meal at a local food stall. The doors of the Mong people are always wide-opened to welcome tourists to stay overnight.

IV. Where to Stay in Cat Cat Village?

This is the list of homestays and hotels nearby Cat Cat Village that you can take into consideration:

Cat Cat Garden Hotel

Location: 79 Fansipan, San Sa Ho Commune, Lao Cai (0.4km from Cat Cat Village)

Price: from 700,000 VND/night

Sapa Vista Hotel

Location: 70 Fansipan, Sapa Town, Lao Cai (0.7km from Cat Cat Village)

Price: from 400,000 VND/night

Aira Boutique Sapa Hotel & Spa

Location: 30 Hoang Lien Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai (0.8km from Cat Cat Village)

Price: from 1,000,000 VND/night

Sapa Green Hotel & Spa

Location: Hoang Lien Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai (1km from Cat Cat Village)

Price: from 520,000 VND/night

Chau Long II Hotel

Location: 24 Dong Loi Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai (1km from Cat Cat Village)

Price: from 630,000 VND/night

Sapa Relax Hotel & Spa

Location: 19A Dong Loi Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai (1km from Cat Cat Village)

Price: from 670,000 VND/night

V. What and Where to Eat in Cat Cat Village? 1. What to Eat?

Thang co (Thắng Cố)

When visiting the mountainous area in Northwestern Vietnam, especially Sapa, Thang Co is the dish that is worth-trying. In the language of the ethnic minority there, “thang co” means “meat soup”. This type of soup is made of horse meat (even beef, pork and goat meat). The broth is made of horse bone stewed for hours, added vegetables and typical spices that are founded only in this area. In the past, “thang co” was only made on special occasions, but now you can try this specialty in many local food stalls and restaurants.

“Khang gai” steamed meat

In Cat Cat Village, the lean meat of buffalo, pig, horse or goat is mixed with spices then dried by smoke in the kitchen. Without any preservatives, the “khang gai” steam meat is kept from years to years but still retains its original taste. The steamed meat is grilled or cooked with vegetables or bamboo sprout. If you have a chance to come to Cat Cat Village, don’t forget to try “khang gai” steam meat and buy several kilograms for your family.

Chicken blood (Tiết Canh Gà)

From North to South of Vietnam, raw blood of animals such as duck, pig or goat is not a strange thing. But chicken blood is found only in the Mong community in Cat Cat Village and Sapa. In the conception of the Mong and Dao ethnic, chicken blood is something that represents luck, and only the guests of honor will have a chance to enjoy this dish. Chicken blood is made in the same way as other types of raw blood. Although you may have a feeling of scare at first try, the delicious taste of this specialty is undeniable.

Grilled stream fish

Fish in Sapa is quite different from fish in other places because it lives in streams at a height of nearly 2000 meters. The fish is quite small, so it is often fried or grilled to keep all the flavor. Stream fish is splinted with bamboo staff and grilled on charcoal fire until the meat turns into yellow. Grilled stream fish in Cat Cat Village is served with raw vegetables and a type of special sauce.

Frog cooked with bamboo sprouts

Both frog and bamboo sprouts are found on the neighboring forests, so they are quite fresh with natural taste. After being rinsed with fresh water, frog meat is boiled then added spices, bamboo sprout and some other kinds of vegetables. Frog cooked with bamboo sprouts is a popular dish of the Mong people, but many tourists consider it as a must-try specialty for travellers to Cat cat Village.

2. Where to Eat?

Cat Cat Riverside

Location: Cat Cat Village, San Sa Ho, Sapa, Lao Cai

Typical food: local specialties, babeque, street food, fast food, coffee

Gem Valley

Location: Cat Cat Village, San Sa Ho, Sapa, Lao Cai

Typical food: local specialties, Vietnamese cuisine, Asian dishes

Aira Restaurant & Bar

Location: 30 Hoang Lien, Aira Boutique Hotel, Sapa, Lao Cai (0.8km from Cat Cat Village)

Typical food: Vietnamese cuisine, Asian dishes

Good Morning Vietnam

Location: 63B Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai (0.8 km from Cat Cat Village)

Typical food: Vietnamese cuisine, French food, Asian dishes

With the unique features of a northwest highland village, Cat Cat has long been an attractive destination that should not be missed by both domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Sapa Town. The beautiful nature, the traditional customs and the breath of modern life mix together in harmony on the side of Sapa town, which leaves a long-lasting impression in the eyes of all visitors.

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Từ khoá: Cat Cat Village, Sapa: The Most Beautiful Village In The Northwest

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